Sunday, May 10, 2009

To Conservative Columnists Everywhere

I mean you, Robyn Riley, Paul Sheehan and Andrew Bolt, among others:

Please stop whining like little bitches about how mean Perez Hilton was to Miss California. He was not in any way denying her right to free speech. This is what free speech is:

Free speech is when you have the right to say any bubbleheaded, fundamentalist Christian idiocy that pops into your spacious little skull, and when you do, anyone else has the right to call you the homophobic retard you are.

That's free speech. Giving your opinion of someone else's opinion isn't anti-free speech, it's the very definition of free speech. Get over it.

Oh, and also, the bimbo posed topless. It was against the rules. Nobody made that up to bring her down; the pictures are on the internet. Get over that too.

Oh, and also: I KNOW Perez Hilton is an insufferable dick. That doesn't mean he's not right about this little twit.


Sarah said...

Amen brother! Perez Hilton is a total twat, but praise Jesus in all his incarnations that he's never made us suffer the pain of seeing Perez' topless photos.

And praise freedom of speech for letting me blaspheme in such an abhorrent manner!

Ben Pobjie said...

Anal-fucking Jesus, yes.

Sarah said...

I'm not certain I'm quite ok with the mental image of Jesus having a little back door fun... But I respect your right to imagine it!