Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Thank God that someone finally understands. It’s so hard being a young man in today’s society, beset on all sides with pressures and temptations, that it comes as a relief when someone shows their comprehension of the modern man’s struggles the way Miranda Devine did in last week’s Herald.

Miranda, with unerring perspicacity, has pointed out the real root of the issues surrounding footballers and their sexual misadventures. It’s all about society’s failure to teach women how to behave properly. And isn’t that the truth? Oh, it may not be fashionable to say so in today’s anything-goes, teenage-sexting, pass-the-crackpipe dole-bludging tree-humping society, but the fact is it is just plain unreasonable to expect men to know how to treat women when women insist on waving their sexuality in our faces like a red rag to a five-eighth.

As Miranda explains, far better than I ever could, without any “expectation of women to modify their behaviour”, it is “putting unsustainable pressure” on these poor befuddled footballers to expect them to know how to act. After all, they may be “drunk, insensitive or carried away by group dynamics”. Hey, we’ve all been there, right? If I had a dollar for every time group dynamics had forced me against my better judgment to jump on top of a reluctant teenager in a hotel room, I would have enough money to put a whole battalion of young girls in cabs after thanking them politely.

The point is, why don’t women modify their behaviour? Why is it always incumbent on we men to restrain ourselves from groping or assaulting or watching a dozen of our friends copulate with, yet nobody ever calls out women for their deliberate and persistent sexual attractiveness? It seems that our moral compass has spun out of control to the extent where we suddenly laud the sexually active woman, but condemn the innocent drunk insensitive footballer. Has the world gone topsy-turvy? When did the balance of power between the sexes shift to such an extent? When did we decide that avoiding sexual assault was the sole responsibility of the assaulter, with no corresponding responsibility on the assaultee? Aren’t relationships these days supposed to be an equal partnership? Not in the case of the relationships between young girls and entire football teams, apparently. No, in those situations, suddenly everything changes and the footballers have to do all the work. They’re expected to read all the subtle signals, pay attention to all the complex issues of consent, say all the thank-yous, make all the police statements. How about a bit of give-and-take, girls?

After all, as Miranda says, with typical warm, knowing wisdom, today “it is men, alone…who must restraint themselves”, despite the very pertinent fact that “young women are told they can act and dress any way they please”; and if that ain’t nail on the head, finger on the pulse, rolled-gold truth. What mad Marxist social engineer hit upon the idea of women acting and dressing any way they please? Have you seen the way they dress these days? It’s like, ladies, I know you have breasts. You don’t have to draw such obvious attention to them. You don’t have to strut around displaying your bodies, as if they were something to be proud of. But there they go, running about in next to nothing, frequenting nightclubs, drinking and dancing and rubbing our noses in their shameless femininity, and here we are, expected to restrain ourselves. We’re expected to just ignore this wanton behaviour, act as if they’re not shattering all our long-cherished moral codes.

We once had a social contract in this country: women covered up and stayed home; and men agreed not to force them into sex except under extreme provocation. As far as I’m concerned, they broke the contract first. Now we have the absurd situation where women get away scot-free with doing whatever they feel like, while somehow a bunch of fit young men are pilloried for no greater crime than giving expression to the perfectly natural, healthy urge that every man has, the urge to climb through a window and stand around naked with some other fit young men, observing each other’s sexual technique. The fact that these men are highly paid elite athletes, for whom any kind of distraction or media brouhaha could seriously affect their match-day performance, just makes the injustice all the more tragic.

Not that men are the only victims here. As Miranda observes, “our era’s turning point in sexual politics confuses women as much as men”. In all likelihood, that lass from New Zealand was quite confused when she went on Four Corners. So you see, women are suffering too. The sheer confusion must be so overwhelming; that’s probably why they act out by seducing all those footballers, or by reading Twilight, or exposing their midriffs, or any of the other bizarre ways in which modern women demonstrate their irretrievable descent into an inescapable moral vortex.

But there’s a way out, ladies. You can turn things around. You can return to your “natural modesty”. You can stop ruining men’s lives with your thoughtless expressions of sexual identity. You can stop blaming the victim – footballers – and start taking responsibility for your own feminist-warped minds.

Just thank God that Miranda came along to save us all, before it was too late.


Tatarize said...

Hey, I'm going to be fucking the air right here and you happen to be in the air that I'm fucking... it's your own fault.

Ben Pobjie said...


Unknown said...

But we should feel sorry for Miranda Ben, and not criticise without walking a mile or two in her unsexy shoes. You and I find it easy to just write about things from the side of truth and logic and a sense of being comfortably at home in at least the twentieth century, if not the twenty first. Poor MIranda, and your other bestest friend Andrew Bolt, have to constantly struggle to find the wrong-headed, arse-about, upside down, back to front view on issues and then write about them in such a way as to make it seem that they believe in the nonsense they are presenting. There but for the grace of progressive politics, and an IQ greater than 85, go you and I Ben.

squib said...

Which Miranda?

oh, THAT Miranda

Ultra said...

Beckert said...

Reminds me of that quaint old expression "uncovered meat".
Oh that Miranda is such a card.

An Irritating Truth said...

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Here's something I prepared earlier:

It would be great if you could give me some tips.

Keep writing,
from Claire (we met at the Sydney Writers Festival on Sunday).

Ben Pobjie said...

Hey Claire, thanks for reading. And I hope you continue to. Nice to meet you at the festival, perhaps we'll cross paths again next time I'm doing something in Sydney.

I shudder to think what terrible misguided path I might set you on...but what kind of tips are you looking for?

An Irritating Truth said...

Firstly, I thought, like most normal people (and internet celebrities) you would have to review comments before posting them (keeping out the crazies and preventing interweb class wars and such). I am hugely embarrassed that my comment now hangs beaten and sore on your comments wall - many apologies.

I am an aspiring journalist so I try to ensure equal parts accuracy and passion when I write. I guess I want to ensure that I can use my blog as a portfolio. Any tips that you could give me to improve my style, standard etc would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I've always wanted to be funny. How does one do that exactly? :P

Lala said...

Fabulous! And of course, entirely spot on. As a young woman I recognise that its high-time for me and my sisters to take responsibility for all sexual offences committed against us.

Its time that we acknowledge the awesome power we wield when we go about our daily business while SHAMELESSLY having breasts and other female body parts that may cause men to lose control.

Those poor young lambs to the slaughter, they don't stand a chance.

Ben Pobjie said...

Yeah, Lala, what is it with you girls and breasts? It's like you can't help yourselves.