Monday, January 20, 2014

Ballad Of The Skeletons (Australia Day Remix)

Said the prime minister skeleton, watch me gloat
Said the immigration skeleton, stop that boat
Said the education skeleton, kids are dumb
Said the Treasurer skeleton, I want my mum
Said the broadband skeleton, these wires are fine
Said the iron ore skeleton, it's all fucking mine
Said the medical skeleton, pay these fees
Said the backbencher skeleton, take my wife - please!

Said the talkback skeleton, it's an outrage
Said the Centrelink skeleton, that's a living wage
Said the editorial skeleton, stop this stuff
Said the columnist skeleton, you're not angry enough
Said the detention centre skeleton, it's for your own good
Said the press release skeleton, if only you understood
Said the grown-up skeleton, kids have lost control
Said the children skeleton, I can't hear you, LOL

Appropriate thanks to Allen Ginsberg


Doug Quixote said...

It works better as a song.

It looks too odd, too skeletal, written down.

But I like the sentiments.

Anonymous said...

I did a more groovy one for Star Wars Day on swtor rp (tribute to old Star War gang with the Welcome Back Kotter theme), though no one has commented on it yet. I am waiting for that new writer Abrams? to pick it up and I will become famous on the credits with whole Star Wars gang groovin out. That's how I imagined it anyway.