Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tarsiers on Crack

This is a blog post about tarsiers on crack, because I asked Twitter what my next blog post should be about, and one of my Twitter followers is really quick to respond and also doesn't like me very much, so now I'm writing about tarsiers on crack.

Here is a tarsier:

Is this tarsier on crack? I say yes, but then that may be because I believe in racial profiling. The real question is, is THIS tarsier on crack?

Again, MY answer is yes, but what is YOUR answer?
Here is a tarsier who is probably not on crack:

And here is her brother, who is:

So what have we learnt today? We have learnt that tarsiers are drug users and will probably steal from you, so don't make eye contact with them. We have also learnt that it is very hard to not make eye contact with a tarsier because their eyes are just everywhere. We have learnt that people who suggest blog topics on Twitter generally do so out of nothing else but a basic desire to make the blogger's life more difficult, and we have learnt that I won't ever do this again. Now take our quiz:


1. Are you a tarsier?

a) yes
b) YES
c) What?
d) yes

2. Have you ever been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

a) Suck it, beeyotch.
b) Somewhere in the middle.
c) Omaha
d) I was born this way

3. How long is your tail?

a) Eighteen miles
b) Eighteen kilometres
c) Eighteen feet
d) Six hours

4. What is "crack"?

a) I'm not talking, piggy.
b) One of the drugs that the people put in their holes
c) Amanda Peet
d) Omaha

5. How many fingers am I holding up?

a) Yours or someone else's?
b) Mandarin
c) Embolism
d) three-quarters

If you answered mostly As you are a tarsier on crack. If you didn't, you are a liar.


FiveFrogsBlog said...

Thank you that was AWESOME. And I'm sorry. I wrote about them but my post was lonely. Now it has a friend! On crack.
Be careful what you wish for. x

Laetitia said...

Nice photos haha. I blog at and just thought I'd say hi. Hopefully you don't see this as spam but I discovered your blog through the Best Australian Blogs competition.