Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Battle

There is no battle between men and women.

There is no battle between black and white.

There is no battle between gays and straights.

There is no battle between Christians and Muslims.

There is no battle between believers and non-believers.

There is no battle between right-wing and left-wing.

There is no battle between young and old.

There is only one battle, and there will only ever be one battle.

The battle is between pricks, and people who aren't pricks.

That is all.


Doug Quixote said...

Rhetorically interesting, but it really won't survive analysis.

Some of those "battles" should never be fought, none of them can ever be "won".

The battle between young and old is especially hilarious : by the process of time, the young become the old, and engender the next young etc etc etc

Certainly the battle between men and women is all about pricks, or the lack thereof (LOL)

Ben said...

No. There are just people, and sometimes we're pricks and sometimes we're not. The only battle is to be the latter rather than the former as much as we can, and to help others do the same.

Doug Quixote said...

The trouble is that the pricks will usually win hands down. Perhaps we need to believe in karma, for our own sanity.

supermundane said...

Joe, I followed your comments on Twitter concerning Q&A tonight. I don't have a twitter account myself but I enjoyed your commentary on that evangelist for the Rapture for Nerds, John Silva. I return to the late Joe Bageant who wrote the following article:

Corporations finding new frontiers to privatise is what Silva is selling.