Friday, June 8, 2012

Racking Up The Century

Way back in 2009, when my old friend Cam Smith said to me, "Hey, let's do a podcast!" I never thought we would ever record 100 episodes. Mainly because I refused to do it, telling Cam in no uncertain terms what I thought of his shady schemes. And yet, I began to weaken when he explained he needed to do a podcast to pay off his gambling debts. And I weakened even further when he said he had my children in a secret location and would allow me telephone contact with them if I made podcasts with him. And so I enthusiastically joined in the fun.

We named the podcast "Gather Around Me", after our favourite movie, starring Mickey Rooney and Jessie Matthews, which told the story of an impoverished chorus girl who meets a wizened dwarf in the street who she beats to death and robs, thus finding happiness and wealth.

Since those humble beginnings, when we recorded our first 'cast, which mainly consisted of Cam switching the microphone on and off and whispering "test" for half an hour, we've gone from strength to strength. From episode 15, when we recorded the sounds of our vigorous lovemaking, to episode 28, when we killed a pig live in the studio, to episode 49, the infamous "cholera" episode, to episode 67, when special guest Ron Barassi drank three litres of Jaegermeister and turkey-slapped the microphone repeatedly while reciting The Highwayman; it's been a wild ride. I've loved/hated every minute of it.

To get to 100 podcasts is a massive achievement - not many people do it, or even desire to. But after lots of hard work and unidentified pills, here we are, the Derek and Clive of our generation, and I am very very proud to present to you all:


Featuring discussions, among other things, of:

- Neighbours' racism
- Todd McKenney's anger
- Nemeses
- Time-travelling comedy
- Ann-Maree Biggar
- Being sober
- The follies of youth

Enjoy listening! If you're new to Gather Around me, why not browse the archives and subscribe on iTunes? It's free, and there are surprises around every corner!

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