Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well goodness Australian politics is in quite a state isn't it? Yes it is, or is it? No. But possibly yes? Maybe. How can the ordinary citizen make sense of all these Machiavellian goings-on? They can't, it's impossible. Let me show you how.

Here are the facts: Kevin Rudd, the worst prime minister in Australia's history, was deposed in 2010 despite being the best prime minister we'd ever seen. After his epochal victory over John Howard, Rudd was the hero of the Labor Party, who then assassinated him because they hated him so much, although out of respect for him they did not say how much they hated him, because respect is paramount in politics as demonstrated by how disrespectful everyone is.

He was deposed of course by Julia Gillard, the worst prime minister in Australia's history, and now, in an exquisitely ironic twist of irony, is set to depose her himself, even though she is a great prime minister and has achieved an enormous amount in her time in office, hamstrung only by the fact she is a do-nothing prime minister. Also the polling numbers are extremely low, but politics is not all about polling, a lesson Gillard learnt well when she deposed Rudd for having low polling numbers.

But what does this all mean for the ordinary stupid Aussie working family aspirational battler? Just who will be our prime minister on Monday?

Well, Rudd doesn't have the numbers, so he certainly won't be, unless he doesn't have the numbers or possibly not. So Gillard will be prime minister except in the event that she is defeated by Rudd or someone else, which will not happen because they don't have the numbers, or do they? No. Or yes? One thing is for sure, the numbers are being had by someone, or are they? One thing is for sure: possibly.

After Gillard defeats Rudd or not, Rudd will go to the backbench and Gillard will be secure until he challenges again but he probably won't, but he DEFINITELY will. If Rudd beats Gillard which he won't but what if he does? One thing is for sure, if he does, which he won't but maybe, Gillard will go to the backbench and never be leader again except in the event she decides that she wants to. Which she won't because she said she won't, and she has no reason to lie apart from the usual ones.

But will a change of leader make any difference to our everyday lives? Certainly it will, except in the literal sense. Or does it? Perhaps not. But maybe? Yes. Or no. Only time will tell. Or will it? Only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure, after Rudd is prime minister which he will never be, we will see a much greater focus on policy over personalities, as opposed to Gillard, who focuses less on personalities and more on policy. Whoever is prime minister, we can be certain that personalities will be brought to the fore and policy made a priority in the background as the electability of the party increases even as their ability to get people to vote for them falls dramatically. So after Gillard wins the ballot, she will reintroduce good Labor values and if she loses she won't, which must call into question her trustworthiness. But can Rudd be trusted, given if he loses he refuses to even guarantee he will win? One thing is for sure, the answer is unknowable.

Only time will tell who is prime minister and whether Gillard's inevitable victory will come at the expense of Rudd's defeat, or whether Rudd's momentum will see him score a famous victory over his own loss. But one thing is for sure, whoever wins will be the victor, and that is certainty you can take to the bank.

Or is it?


Lizzyish said...

haha! The back to back "only time will tell" made me guffaw like backbencher at question time.

Bilby P. Dalgyte said...

I'm not sure if I do or do not agree with you.

Doug Quixote said...

This could be the making of Gillard - the reasons for removing Rudd are finally out in the open for all to see. Julia has had to tiptoe around Rudd for 18 months. Now no more.

TimT said...

Whoever wins will be victor... hang on. I thought we were talking about Kevin and Julia. When did Victor come into it? Is he even a member of cabinet? To be Frank with you, I don't like it. Sincerely, Pauline. I mean Tim.

Anonymous said...

You left out a key point. Over two thirds of the Labor Party found working under Rudd unbearable, impossible and unsustainable. Most of his personal staff have said the same thing. The party is much bigger than any one man (or woman). If the party can't work under their leader, I think it's pretty important they have a new leader.

BartyLobethal said...

Reading this now, the day after The Event, I can see that it all went exactly as you phrosi, pre, proh, prophesii...said it would.

Hotly Spiced said...

And sadly, that's exactly the way it is. Congrats on your win of 'funniest blog post' that's just been announced.

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