Friday, January 20, 2012

Sliding Doors...

Ashley Mallett asks what if Warne had played Bradman? And his answer is as elegant and enthralling as any piece which asks what if something that didn't happen did happen and then makes a bunch of stuff up could be. It's just a shame he didn't explore the other possibilities, of which there are many. Such as:

- maybe Bradman would have been caught by Hayden, not Ponting.

- Maybe Bradman would have scored 48, not 49

- or maybe he would have scored 189

- or 257

- 0r 0

- maybe Warne would have pulled a hamstring in his run-up and been unable to bowl to him

- maybe Bradman would have refused to bat due to a sponsorship dispute

- maybe Bradman would have hit the first ball back at Warne's face, killing him instantly

- maybe Indonesia would have invaded at that moment, abruptly ending the match

- maybe the paradoxes of time travel would have caused a rip in the fabric of spacetime, destroying everyone at the ground

- maybe a dinosaur would have eaten them both

- or maybe Bradman would have scored 52

It's fun to imagine things!


tif said...

I like maybe number 8. It is totally my favourite. Let's invent time travel so we can make it happen.

ivy said...

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