Thursday, December 2, 2010

Break out the Raspberry Cordial!!!!

UPDATE!!!!! It'll be on at 8.30, NOT 7.30. Outrageous!

When engaging in our beautiful and exciting Anne Party (see last post) tomorrow night, why not add a bit of pep to proceedings by playing:


You can play this game with whatever beverage you like, although obviously it will lend the occasion a particularly delicious piquancy if you can get hold of some raspberry cordial or currant wine. Or, even better, if you can get your friend to drink some currant wine which they THINK is raspberry cordial. Or just spike the Pepsi with vodka, it'll have the same effect.

Anyway, here are the rules of the game:

- Every time Marilla says "hold your tongue", DRINK!

- Every time Rachel Lynde judges someone, DRINK!

- Every time Anne says, "bosom friend", DRINK!

- Every time Anne makes reference to her imagination, DRINK!

- Every time Matthew interferes in Marilla's parenting, DRINK!

- Every time Diana says, "Oh, Anne!" DRINK!

- Every time someone refers to the negative side of having red hair, DRINK!

- Every time Miss Stacy grins annoyingly, DRINK!

- Every time Gilbert gives Anne a cheekily flirtatious smile, DRINK!

- Every time Anne gives Gilbert a haughtily nasty look, DRINK!

- Every time Anne's temper gets the better of her, DRINK!

- Every time anyone says "Anne with an E", DRINK!

- Every time Matthew awkwardly struggles to find the right words, DRINK!

- Every time Marilla mentions God, DRINK!

- Every time Josie Pye brings everyone down, DRINK!

- Every time Anne reaches a new level of academic achievement, DRINK!

- Every time Anne wastes a chance to score with Gilbert, DRINK!

- Every time you wonder what Anne sees in Diana, DRINK!

And of course,

- Every time someone has a heart attack and dies, DRINK!

Happy drinking, Annelites!

"That West Coast Cooler should kick in any second now..."

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squib said...

I can't believe I missed this - I have waited forever for an occasion which would require puffed sleeves