Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not Dead

No, I'm not, though I have had a brush with swine flu, which is the main reason I have been absent from this blog for so long. Shivering and moaning, I wanted to blog, but I simply did not have the wherewithal. Or the subject matter. Current events for some time were restricted to "Head hurts" and "More panadeine".

But I'm back! And if not better than ever, I am at least pretty much the same.

"But Ben," you whisper in your timorous, apologetic voices, "tell us: what is this thing called swine flu, for we live in hermetically-sealed bubbles and have no knowledge of disease?"

Swine flu, in fact, is something like this.

I'm not kidding. My HAIR. Benevolent god? Sod off.

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An Irritating Truth said...

Swine Flu S&M:

Good writers borrow, great writers steal.

In this case, I've attributed - which makes me the most twisted, sniveling, spineless little suck-up in the world.