Saturday, December 13, 2008

Creepy Christians...

Just got a little bit creepier.

"SHE is only 16, but her parents believe a court carried out God's will when it said she could marry her 26-year-old boyfriend."

"The pair began courting when Lucinda was 14."

"They met seven years ago through her father, Greg Law, an elder of a 25- member band of vegetarian "independent Christians" who call themselves Manifold Ministries."

"Their love blossomed when Lucinda's father and Mr Ramsay began working together on an outreach program preaching against the "new-world order"."

"Mr Law said he noticed how attached his daughter had become to Mr Ramsay and decided to play matchmaker."

Healthy? I should say so!


Anonymous said...

I read about this this morning in the Sunday Telegraph up here, and thought of you. They look so creepy...And it started when she was 14?? Hello, illegal!
And it says somewhere in the story that the court only grants underage people the right to marry in special circumstances - why are these two special? Why can't they wait two years and get married legally?

squib said...

God's will just get's curiouser and curiouser