Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Do You Hate Freedom?

I trash all that's good and decent.

But it's not all doom and gloom: the Prime Minister predicts a "tough, ugly and hard" future , as he looks ahead to his next midnight rendezvous with Michelle Grattan.

Ooh, BURN!

Meanwhile, the Australiian film industry in crisis - which may or may not be the same crisis it's been in the last thirty years - with the revelation that the combined box-office take of this year's AFI Best Picture nominees is less than that of Will Ferrell's Step Brothers.

Some see this as a sign that we need to get Australians "engaged back in Australian stories", in the words of Dee McLachlan, director of The Jammed.

Nobody ever sees this kind of story as a sign that Australians should make entertaining movies, but I guess that'd be a bit crass.

Speaking of being more entertaining than four Australian movies put together, LOOK:

I KNOW that guy!


squib said...

"video no longer available"

Ben Pobjie said...

The sly minxes changed the location. Try again!

squib said...

Interesting. Graeme Garden meets the Cookie Monster

Anonymous said...

That voice makes me horrified and hysterical at the same time.