Monday, October 6, 2008

Dark Times

Why do people like sport? By people, I mean me. Some people hate sport. How lucky they are. Those people didn't want to kill themselves last night when the Storm lost the grand final by a record margin to the hairy miscreants of Manly, who provided the perfect send-off for club legend Steve "Beaver" Menzies, so-called because of his resemblance to a giant vagina.

Now that the football season has ended in crushing depression for my teams in three different codes, I shall turn my attention to cricket, which will undoubtedly see me even more suicidal.

Sport is STUPID.

Please leave your comments on the subject of why I should stop watching sport and take up scrapbooking below.


Jannie Funster said...

But Monsieur Behemoth, you are not just a Live Journal man after all. Sooo much more to you than originally met my far-too-large eye.

May I recommend watching seniors shuffleboard? Or toddlers gymnastics?

As to scrap-booking it's more fun than is widely reported. If you get good will you branch out to greeting cards too?

The Jannie

squib said...

I really don't understand why people watch sport. I've never understood it. But every four years I make an effort to be more understanding and I allow MrSquib to watch the World Cup

What can I say, I have a big heart and also some of the Spanish team are well... aesthetically pleasing to the eye

I really don't understand why people like scrapbooking. I try to be more understanding towards scrapbookers insofar as I don't burn their scrapbooks or spit on them

VirtualWolf said...